ProLINK uses only those qualified professional translators who have mastery of both source language and target language skills. It is our policy to use native speaker of the target language to do the translation work. In the translation of documents, our top priority will always be the full capture of the original meaning and message in the source text.

Apart from language skills, ProLINK will match translators with knowledge and skills in specific field for a particular document. Writing style and tone are adjusted to the requirement of our clients. ProLINK translators will use the most updated terminology to reflect the present social and cultural context.

basic translation service in ProLINK translation

Basic Translation

A basic translation is for informational purpose only. It is not intended for publication and is not subject to a special review or formatting.

Certified Translation

Government authorities or other official bodies like immigration offices, police and universities generally require a certification for the translation of documents. We will assist you to obtain the officially certified translations.

technical translation service in ProLINK translation

Technical Translation

Technical documents include specifications, manuals, legal documents, commercial documents, financial documents, banking and insurance documents, various kinds of reports, etc. These are highly specialized documents in the fields of commerce, finance, law, industry, technology, education, art, etc. which require knowledge and skills in the field of the source text as well as absolute fluency in the target language.

Our services are tailored to our clients' needs. Service charge will be based on the actual time required.

localization translation service in ProLINK translation

Software Localization & Website Localization

ProLINK's software localization experts will localize your software for the right positioning of your products in the desired market. While retaining your message and content, updated terminology, specific culture and needs of the local market will be fully considered.

ProLINK's experienced language professionals will localize your web pages in multiple languages based on your desired format and style to enhance your Internet presence and international image.

interpretation service in ProLINK translation


ProLINK provides interpreting services by qualified interpreters who have the required linguistic fluency and are competent in specialized fields to ensure that no miscommunications occur.

Escort Interpretation

Our escort interpreters assist you during business trips, plant visits and city tours.

Conference Interpretation

Our conference interpreters assist you in either simultaneous or consecutive interpreting during meetings, seminars, symposia, conferences, trade fairs as well as court proceedings and immigration interviews.

Equipment Renting

We rent interpreting equipment, sound equipment, video equipment and audiovisual equipment.

production service in ProLINK translation


Dubbing/Voice Over

ProLINK experts offer language dubbing/voice over of commercial, industrial and educational films, videotapes and CD/VCD/DVDs in professional studios. Only native speakers with clear enunciation are used to ensure that your materials will sound like an original in the target language.


Our linguistic experts transcribe tape-recorded interviews, conversations and other messages into a standard word processing application for government agencies and other organizations.


We provide subtitling services to various media outlets such as television programmes, films, audio/video types, computer games and educational CD/VCD/DVDs.


ProLINK offers typesetting in Asian, European and other fonts. Our services include language typesetting in the format delivered, or in a layout designed by us.


We manage your printing needs through to the finished products.

creative writing service in ProLINK translation

Creative Writing

The ability to communicate in written English with precision and impact will drive your business in the international arena. However, not every company is equipped with this asset in Hong Kong, where the working population is far more fluent in Cantonese. Of course, there are expatriate professionals for hire, but this will greatly inflate your manpower costs.

The solution: Contact ProLINK Int'l Translation Service Ltd. We are able to take client briefings in Cantonese and Putonghua, and turn in the required assignment in English - on schedule and with the kind of cost-efficiency that other agencies envy.

We provide customised content based on research conducted by us and/ or information provided by your company for :

    • Direct mails
    • Corporate, product service and recruitment advertisements
    • Advertorials
    • Company, product and service brochures
    • Success stories and case studies
    • Web content
    • Video and audio scripts
    • Newsletters
    • Feature articles
    • Training manuals
    • Speeches
    • Business proposals
    • Annual reports

Feel free to contact us for a quotation or ask us any questions related to translation or languages.